Career by Design: Decorating Your Lives with Home Interiors

I am learning so much about decorating since I became a Home Interiors consultant, I want to share with you a few hints I have picked up.
We have four basic elements of decorating. Wall decor, accessories, florals and greenery, and ambience.Let’s start with my favorite, ambience. Lighting with candles can bring life to your room. The flickering scented candles bring warmth and beauty as the light is reflected off the walls and glass in your home. And fragrances to satisfy all your tastes. From floral to fresh to fruit, it’s all what you want to bring into your rooms.Wall decor, all I have to say is an exclusive Thomas Kincaid and there is a picture for every room. Home Interiors has a wide variety of choices that tell a lot about your personal style. Framed art whether small or large can fit in those special places. Mirrors are the eyes of the home, and a source of movement. A well placed mirror in an entrance or hall can make sunlight dance in the daylight and reflect candlelight in the evening.Accessories are your “fingerprints” on your home. Table lamps, figurines, colorful vases, wall sconces and hurricane lamps will bring your special touch to your home. No two homes are the same when we all have the choice to decorate as we feel the right pieces are in the right places.
Florals and greenery add movement and life to your walls and tables. You also add texture through plants, and guess what you don’t have to have a green thumb! Our line of greenery never needs to be watered! Not that you should not keep those beautiful plants you have, if you are lucky enough to keep them alive and healthy looking! Gardening is another story!!
Questions we need answers to, Where should I start, how high to I hang my grouping, How can I add variety to my decorating, Where should I place the greenery, How far apart should I space accessories? We must get to those answers in my next e-zine.What is your decorating secret? What is it that makes people comfortable in your home? I will try to help you figure out the answers as I continue to share with you what I have learned.

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